Kitchen Renovation: What’s New in 2019?

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The current kitchen is much more than a technical space dedicated to food preparation. Integrated into the living room, it is more than ever a real space of life, which is constantly being transformed to adapt to our changing lifestyles.

The Open Kitchen: As Modern as Ever

The so-called “American” kitchen, open to the living room, was perceived in its time as a revolution in interior design. After several decades of existence, it is still appreciated for its practical and user-friendly aspect. But it has also evolved. Gone are the days when it consisted of a series of wisely matched elements and a mere bar that served as a separation from the living room. The modern kitchen is a subject of constant experimentation and is declined in multiple possibilities. We no longer hesitate to mix open and closed elements or pieces of different colours. We create atmospheres, we mix, we blend, we dare to use unusual colours and materials. New kitchens definitely do not like dullness, they follow your imagination and match your needs!

Kitchen and Living Room Are More And More Closely Intertwined

Kitchen and living room are becoming more and more one single room. But to ensure a smooth integration of the kitchen into the living room, a thorough reflection on style, colours and material effects is essential. The whole kitchen must be in harmony with the living room to create a unity. Thus, some kitchen designers propose to remove the wall units and replace them with a few shelves on which decorative objects will be placed, as they would in the living room. 

“You’ll like the new kitchens because they look like you!”

The Kitchen Island Confirms Its Breakthrough

The kitchen island has been a must for many seasons. Praised for its original, friendly and functional aspect, you can’t see anything else anymore in decoration magazines. One is quickly seduced by this layout allowing different types of activity. Indeed, the island allows you to prepare meals while being in contact with family, friends, or keeping an eye on the children. Modular and expandable, the island can be transformed into a table for aperitifs, dinners or large Sunday tables. Both a table and a workspace, this new element adapts to activities and circumstances with great flexibility and surfs on the desire to live in a more relaxed way.

New Materials for Worktops

On the worktop side, the material effects are played on with quartz composite, a material appreciated for its high resistance and antimicrobial qualities, and you can have it polished. Marble attempts an incursion into the world of worktops, but remains not well adapted to this use. Another surprising material is granite, which comes in many colours: beige, sand, white or grey, neutral tones allowing multiple compositions without taking any risks.

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