Real estate sale: sell your property in good conditions

vendre son bien rapidement

Always stressful for the owner, the sale of a property involves making the right decisions. The property must be sold quickly and at the best possible price. How can we ensure that we comply with good practices? What are the best alternatives for selling in optimal conditions? Here are some essential tips to help you better consider this important project.

Surround yourself with experts to properly evaluate your property

The selling price influences the whole process: don’t be mistaken when you define it! Easier said than done… For the proprietor who lives there, the sentimental value encounters the financial value. Indeed, the owner has sometimes carried out work with the sweat of his brow and worked for many years to make his home as perfect as possible. However, it is only his perception of the property…

To sell a property, sentimental attachment should not be an issue: it will not exist for the visitors. To take the necessary distance, the ideal solution is to solicit real estate professionals to obtain a first estimate. The expert will be able to explain to the seller all the objective criteria to be considered in relation to the housing market, in order to define the best price (the one that will allow the sale to be completed quickly, while offering the largest possible amount to the seller).

“To sell a property, attachment must not be an issue: it will not exist on the visitors’ side.”

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Prepare all necessary documents for the sale

In Luxembourg, you must present an energy performance certificate if you wish to conclude a sale in compliance with the rules. Similarly, the buyer will need monthly energy bills to assess the amount of charges to be paid. In the case of co-ownership (especially in buildings, but also for some houses), the minutes of the last general assemblies also fall into the category of required documents.

By initiating the sale with all the necessary supporting documents in hand, you are one step ahead. On the other hand, if you omit one or more formalities, you risk missing out on great opportunities. In fact, buyers lose their enthusiasm when they see that documents are missing… Without an EPC (energy performance certificate), you will not have their full confidence!

Enhancing the value of the property: have you thought about home-staging?

To sell a property more quickly, have you thought about home staging? Thanks to an advantageous setting, you increase the chances of making a good impression during the visits. Indeed, some small and inexpensive retouching can really make the sale easier: repainting walls in white to refresh rooms, removing some furniture that is too bulky and tends to reduce the available space, storing personal photos and decorative objects in the attic, etc.

“Some small, inexpensive retouching can really make it easier to sell.”

In general, never forget that all your visitors must be able to project themselves into your home. So, even if it is not a question of changing all your furniture and renovating the entire house, make sure that the appearance and layout are as neutral as possible.

Finally, the choice of the real estate agency remains decisive. Do not hesitate to ask for several estimates of your property, in order to establish different “first contacts” with the structures near you. Ideally, you should collaborate with an establishment that regularly works in your neighbourhood, but also – and above all – with a trusted contact person. The real estate agent will replace you for visits and other formalities: you must believe in his professional abilities and let him take care of the sale with your eyes closed!

Remember, it is not the agent who announces the highest selling price that is most reliable – an evaluation must always be justified by concrete arguments: sales of similar properties, market statistics, m2 of living space, etc.

“It is not the agent who announces the highest price that is the most reliable.”

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