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Our Advice to Maximize the Value of Your Property to Better Sell It

Our Advice to Maximize the Value of Your Property to Better Sell It

Our Advice to Maximize the Value of Your Property to Better Sell It | Blog Vivi

In order to seduce potential buyers more efficiently and to get the best price, your property may need some minor works. They will not cost you much and will take you little time overall. But if they are well thought out and properly conducted, they will clearly change the final deal! Here are some tips to maximize the value of your property and to consider more serenely this crucial step in your life as an owner.

Store, Sort and Keep Only What Is Strictly Necessary

Trinkets, family photos, large bookshelves and collections of all kinds: these elements, though they are part of your life, should not interfere with the vision of the visitor who may buy your property.

The latter needs a minimum of neutrality to make it easier to project himself in the living spaces. In addition, beyond the objects that are too personal, it is necessary to take the time to tidy and make space in each room. Indeed, disorder generally leaves a bad impression and can clearly work against you.

Disorder generally leaves a bad impression and can clearly work against you.”

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Repair All Small Imperfections

Since you have gradually become accustomed to it, the small dysfunctions that have multiplied in your home seem harmless to you. For example, many people delay the replacement of a shower head, even if it shows signs of weakness and requires some caution when using it.

But during the visit, if you have to explain to your interlocutor that the fitting is not fully operational or that a switch no longer works, you will clearly lose points in his mind. And he may also use these arguments to lower the price, or even decide to look elsewhere.

So do not skimp on these minor repairs: they may seem trivial to you, but they play a decisive role in the seduction process necessary to trigger the first negotiations.

Refresh the Decoration and Clean from Top to Bottom

Are you afraid that you will be blamed for a lack of space in key rooms such as the living room? You do not necessarily need to break walls or consider major projects to get around this small flaw.

Indeed, there are many tricks to widen the perspective in a room: simply painting the walls white, for example, increases your chances of appealing to potential buyers.

Similarly, if you have wallpapers with patterns in rooms such as bedrooms, we recommend you to remove and replace them with neutral coloured paints to refresh the decoration and to remove items that are too personal.

Finally, it will be necessary to go through an intense cleaning phase so that each of the rooms really seems appealing. Clean floors, tables and all surfaces in general, which includes polishing taps and washing windows.

“Clean floors, tables and all surfaces in general.”

Ask for Professional Advice to Maximize the Value of Your Property

Real estate agents are able to anticipate the elements that could temper the enthusiasm of interested particulars and can really help you revamp your property for a potential sale. Do not hesitate to ask for their advice: they know many easy and economical methods to boost sales!

If you pay proper attention to enhance your house or apartment for a sale, you will automatically feel that visitors will be more enthusiastic when discovering the different rooms. Eventually, you will have all the cards in hand to conclude the sale at the best price!

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