Choosing a Real Estate Agency in Luxembourg City: Focus on Who Knows Best Your Neighbourhood

Pourquoi choisir une agence immobilière à Luxembourg Ville

When selling your house or apartment, you can either take care of all the formalities (the sale thus remains between private individuals) or contact a real estate agency in Luxembourg City (or near you), in order to entrust such work to a specialist. It is in your best interest to choose the second alternative, so as to save time and energy. If you are currently looking for an agency, let’s discover why you should choose the one that best knows your geographical area.

Choosing a Real Estate Agency Close to You

If you are about to sell a property in Luxembourg City, look for a competent agency in this geographical area, in order to simplify relations with your interlocutor. Indeed, as part of this project, you will have to schedule appointments with your agent, and you may need to go to the company’s office to carry out administrative procedures, or to file or pick up documents. From a practical point of view, it therefore makes sense to work with a professional close to you!

“From a practical point of view, it makes sense to work with a professional close to you!”

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An In-depth Knowledge of Local Real Estate Trends

Depending on the area in which you are looking to sell, choose a local real estate agency, for instance in Luxembourg North or in Luxembourg Route d’Esch: you will have more chances to find a buyer quickly. Indeed, neighbourhood agencies know perfectly well the area in which they work: they are able to provide you with an extremely realistic estimate of the property, but also to smartly make the most of their network. Thus, they will automatically alert people potentially interested in the type of property you are selling and will contact them to organise a visit.

A Profitable Relationship of Trust to Sell Serenely

Depending on the category of property you are selling, you will necessarily benefit from your choice to work with a local agency. If there are large agencies that sell and rent many properties, you may prefer a contact person who works on smaller volumes and pays particular attention to each item. In both cases, require your real estate agent to treat you as a person in your own right, not as a number. In the end, you will go through this stressful stage of your life all the better.

“Ask your real estate agent to treat you as a person in your own right, not as a number.”

If Signing an Exclusive Mandate, Be Even More Careful in Your Choice

When selling your property, you can sign a simple or exclusive mandate with your real estate agency in Luxembourg City. Since this market is very dynamic, agents tend to dedicate more time to exclusivities. They communicate more about them, and do their best to sell them quickly and at the best price. If you wish to work with a single agency through an exclusive mandate, we advise you to choose a contact person who knows your neighbourhood.

Even if you sign an exclusive mandate, members of the Chambre Immobilière can still offer you to work through their network, in order to increase your chances of selling, and carry out your transactions in complete security.

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