How to Rent Part of Your House

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If you are already living in a house or apartment large enough to accommodate an extra person, there is nothing to stop you from renting a room or studio adjoining your main residence. However, to make sure you respect all the rules, you should know what are all your obligations in this specific configuration.

Increasing Your Income by Renting One of Your Rooms

For example, currently, the particularly tight real estate market complicates life for students who are looking for a studio to rent in Luxembourg City. Indeed, demand is far greater than supply, and many young people are struggling to find accommodation.

So you have every chance of quickly finding a tenant!

How? You just need to have enough space to accommodate an extra person at home. This means that your spare room must have a minimum ceiling height of 2.20 meters and be at least 9 square meters in size.

“Your room must have a minimum ceiling height of 2.20 meters and be at least 9 square meters in size.”

Preparing the Arrival of a New Tenant and Live Well Together

When it comes to real estate for rent in Luxembourg, it is really easy to find a tenant, since it is generally difficult to find a dwelling in this already saturated market. However, in order to find an occupant even quicker and with the objective to charge a higher rent, it is in your best interest to carry out small works that are likely to make the room more attractive (painting the walls white to make it bigger, refurbishing a small bathroom to offer a minimum of independence, etc.).

Moreover, with a view to facilitating cohabitation, you can without any problem draw up house rules that will be signed by the tenant. For example, the latter can undertake not to invite anyone to come and sleep in his or her room, or to respect silence after a certain hour. Laying down some provisions such as these helps to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. However, be sure to show a minimum of open-mindedness, so that the person can be happy in your place and does not run away after the first few days.

“In order to facilitate cohabitation, you can without any problem draw up house rules.”

Tourist Rental: Beware of Regulations

With the development of platforms such as Airbnb, more and more private individuals are choosing to rent their Luxembourg City studio or spare room to tourists for short stays. It is important to know that this approach, which is likely to bring in more money, requires some kind of personal investment. Indeed, you will have to take the time to present the accommodation to each newcomer, but also to take care of the services you offer them in order to be better ranked on the platform.

Moreover, note that this kind of practice is regulated. For example, in theory you cannot ask money from travelers for renting your room if you have not registered your accommodation with the municipal administration (administration communale de la situation des chambres).

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