How to move without stress?


To become the owner of your property, you have had to endure almost ubiquitous stress: when it comes to preparing a good financing dossier, signing the sales agreement, applying for your loan, etc. Even though you think you’ve reached the end of all these rather cumbersome administrative procedures, moving day is fast approaching: once again, to make sure everything goes well, we advise you to anticipate as much as possible!

Carry out important renovations before moving in

Are you planning to redo the floors, paint the walls or even improve the insulation of certain rooms? Whatever renovations you want to make to your home, make sure they are done before you move in.

In concrete terms, it is much easier to intervene in an empty dwelling: this saves time for the craftsmen, and therefore additional savings for you (since you pay less manpower hours).

“It is much easier to intervene in an empty dwelling: this saves time for the craftsmen, and therefore additional savings for you.”

In addition, the work that takes place in the presence of the occupants of the house disrupts their daily lives. Equipment temporarily unavailable, need to leave your home to let professionals carry out their mission, water and/or electricity cuts: living in a housing project is not easy! This is why it is important, before preparing the move, to ensure that the major work has been completed.

Determine the best possible date

If you plan to contact a moving company, be aware that the rates vary from one period to another, depending on their own agenda. In the tensest months, where demand is high, they offer higher rates – even though quotes become more attractive in off-peak periods. In this sense, for a professional move, avoid the most dynamic months, between May and September. In addition, focus on weekdays rather than week-ends.

“For a professional move, avoid the most dynamic months, between May and September.”

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On the other hand, when moving with the help of family or friends, take the time to contact all the people who can help you, and note their planning. Since you have to surround yourself with people to move in with complete serenity, don’t hesitate to mobilize as many friends and family as possible and, this time, prefer weekends, when others are not working and are more easily available.

Notify the neighbours, in individual houses and buildings alike!

Whether you move into a house or a building, show that you know how to live at least leaving a note in the neighbours’ mailbox to apologize for the inconvenience. For example, when living in a house in a subdivision, the presence of a truck on the road may disturb other users: this is why a small warning is always useful.

Be more vigilant in buildings: some co-owners install protective covers to prevent damage to elevators, for example. Find out about moving instructions beforehand, to make sure you avoid any inconvenience and follow the rules in force.

Since you have just purchased, you are probably planning to live on a long-term basis in this new home. Therefore, it would be a pity to already annoy your geographically close entourage: this first contact will also allow you to introduce yourself and create cordial and profitable links between neighbours.

Finally, even with regard to moving, the real estate agency remains a reliable partner. They will be able to answer your practical and administrative questions and will be able to assist you with certain steps.

“Finally, please note that in Luxembourg the collection of separate waste – household waste, cardboard, paper, glass, etc. – is the norm. Ask neighbours or cohabitants about the rules in place.

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