The evaluation of the property: to make this fundamental step a success!

estimation du bien

To increase chances of selling the property quickly at the right price, the owner must make one – or more – estimates. In practice, this first essential phase makes it possible to position oneself on a fair price, so that the seller makes the most of his assets… All this with a view to finalizing the sale process as quickly as possible, without overestimating the cost of the dwelling (which would hinder buyers). How can we ensure that we start at the right price? Here are some essential tips for a successful property appraisal.


Have good knowledge of the market

Before you even try to give a value to your house or apartment, start by looking at the ads of nearby residences, and take a closer look at the properties that may look like yours. Take the time to compare prices, to put them in perspective with the surrounding neighbourhood and the state of the apartment or house. This way, you will have a better idea of the market, and therefore of the sum you could earn from this future transaction.

“Take the time to look at the real estate notices in your neighbourhood and compare prices.”

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Take an objective look at your property

As a homeowner, you give a sentimental value to your home or apartment. However, when you put your property on sale, you will have to take a step back and learn to ignore all the past that you are about to leave. In other words, you will have to base yourself solely on objective criteria. For example, you have recently designed a kitchen to your taste, no doubt find it ideal, and consider that it increases the value of your property. Admittedly, a new kitchen will increase the cost price, but perhaps not as much as you think… To estimate a dwelling, your approach must be free of all emotion and any notion of taste!


Solicit a real estate agency

As you will have understood, the owner alone does not have all the skills to properly evaluate his property, not to mention the emotions which can come into play… That is why we advise you to use a real estate agency, which will look at your home or apartment with a new and expert eye! Fully aware of the realities of the market, real estate agents use all the objective criteria specific to each habitat to determine, as accurately as possible, its value. Just like you, they are looking to sell at the best price: going through professionals will not penalize you, quite the contrary.


Request several opinions

If you are not satisfied with the first estimate provided by your real estate agency, you can easily request another one. By comparing the opinions of several professionals, you will have an even more accurate idea of the amount you can obtain from your property. Be careful, do not necessarily choose to work with the company that offers the highest estimate, because you may find it more difficult to sell.

If you are not satisfied with the first estimate provided by your real estate agency, you can easily ask for more.”

Think about negotiation

When you are having your property appraised, and although it is still in the early stages of the sale process, think about the first negotiations with potential buyers. Generally, prospective buyers like to make a first offer below the selling price in order to achieve maximum savings. As the saying goes, if you don’t try anything, you have nothing… For your part, it is advisable to anticipate this eventuality when determining the value of your property in order to obtain a better idea of the final sale price.

Even if you have to sell quickly, don’t neglect the estimation stage: it creates the whole sales context, which makes it decisive! Don’t forget to give priority to professional advice, because this evaluation work requires skills that only real estate agents can provide.

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