Surround yourself well to succeed in a real estate sale

Bien s’entourer pour réussir une vente immobilière

Selling real estate is a project that must be carried out by several people, especially in the presence of experienced individuals, to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Whether you want to speed up the process and turn the page quickly or get the best price, you need to rely on the help of professional contacts, specialized in real estate. How do we identify these people we need to trust? These few elements will help you to surround yourself well and sell in good conditions.

Choosing a real estate agency : a decisive moment

In your geographical area, several real estate agencies probably compete with each other: while they all seem to have the same arguments, how do you select yours? Ideally, solicit several structures and ask for an estimate of your property each time.

This way, you will meet several real estate agents, and you will quickly see if the contact is established correctly – or if, on the contrary, you have trouble entering into a good relationship with the professional.

The use of multiple estimates allows you to better evaluate the price of your home, since it is always easier to set an idea in mind when you have the opportunity to compare several opinions. Moreover, this first human contact is often very revealing: at the time of the exchange, you realize the real estate agent’s experience, his interest in your sale, his ability to communicate and build a solid relationship with you.

“You will only work with an agency or agencies that you trust. »

As you will have understood, at the end of this first step, you will not necessarily decide to collaborate with the agency that values your property at the highest level. Instead, you will identify the one that offers the most honest price, for you and the seller – and above all, you will only collaborate with an agency or agencies that inspire you with confidence.

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Make the right decision: a single interlocutor or a simple mandate?

When selecting the real estate agency that will sell your house or apartment, you can sign a simple or exclusive mandate. In the first case, you are free to put up your property for sale in another structure, or even to promote it yourself via Internet. On the other hand, if you sign an exclusive mandate, you undertake to sell only through the chosen agency.

Since each case is unique, it becomes difficult to place the exclusive mandate as an excellent or very bad idea: everything depends on the nature of each individual project. If you want a single contact person and want to minimize the effort in this sale, this option will interest you. If you prefer to rely on competition to get the best possible price (and leave the door open for private sales), a simple mandate will prove to be more interesting.

Energy passport, signature at the notary’s office: other important contacts

If the real estate agency remains your privileged interlocutor and the primary solution for answering all your questions, other individuals will intervene at certain times. For example, you will need to obtain the services of a company to receive an energy passport, which is mandatory before the sale. It is also important to surround yourself with the right people at this time: ask your agency for advice on finding a qualified person who will carry out this diagnosis seriously and at the best price.

Finally, since a sale never takes place without the presence of a notary, do not forget to think about this decisive step. If you are struggling in your search for contact details, once again, the agency will be able to help you and put you in touch with its partners.

“If you are struggling in your search for contact information, once again, the agency will be able to help you and put you in touch with its partners. »

Finally, the seller’s main contact person throughout the process is always the agency, which acts as a liaison between the various parties. In this sense, take the time to choose the agency carefully to avoid regretting a bad decision later.

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