Windows & Doors: How to Choose and Maintain your Interior Joinery

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While playing a key role in the overall aesthetics of your future house, doors and windows are also elements that you must select with practical questions in mind (thermal insulation, maintenance, safety, etc.). To put it straight, thinking about the interior joinery of your home may take a little time: here are some useful information to guide you!

Wood, PVC, Aluminium: Which Material to Choose for Interior Joinery

Whether for your doors or your windows, you can choose from a wide offer of materials, each with different pros and cons. For instance, aluminium is constantly gaining ground on the market: it is attracting more and more consumers not only for its robustness, but also because it is easily customizable. It is very simple to adapt it to all architectural designs and decorative choices.

For its warm and authentic side, wood retains a timeless appeal and remains trendy. Requiring maintenance, it can be combined with aluminium to benefit both from the ease of use of metal and the cachet of wooden joinery.

“For its warm and authentic side, wood retains a timeless appeal and remains trendy.”

Finally, PVC also remains very present in current offers because of its accessible prices, its numerous possibilities for personalization and its simplicity of cleaning (it cleans with a simple sponge).

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Tips to Choose Your Windows

In addition to the question of the main material, you must absolutely select your windows according to their thermal performance. Indeed, the best ones will offer you a perfect airtightness, which will allow you to significantly reduce your heating costs, and to meet the energy requirements for new buildings.

In the case of a renovation, it will be necessary to adapt the glazing according to the room. For example, use triple glazing if you install a north-facing window. Solar control glazing is another option, particularly useful to limit the overheating of south-facing windows. Besides, solutions with reinforced sound insulation can be promoted for areas exposed to traffic noise.

In case of passive construction, only triple glazing will be used.

Door Chains & Handles: The Right Hardware Choices

With both the practical and security aspects in mind, you must anticipate the choice of solutions to open and close your doors and windows.

Door Chains

Allowing you to half-open the door to find out the identity of the person behind it without directly exposing yourself, the door chain is one of the essential accessories to secure a home, especially if you have children who sometimes remain alone or if you feel vulnerable.

Door Handles

The choice of a handle, fixed on a plate or on a rosette, will mainly be aesthetic, but it will also be necessary to anticipate the locking system (with or without key, locking button, solid door, etc.). In each case, choose the solution best suited to the two spaces that the door separates (sanitary, exterior or interior rooms that need no lock)!

Door Locks

Ideally, use a lock with 3 or 5 security points that will further protect your home from break-ins. There are different protection systems (against breakage, picking or drilling) that can also be useful, since locks must always aim for the highest level of security.

“Choose a lock with 3 or 5 security points that will further protect your home from break-ins.”

With regard to hardware, do not forget to anticipate the opening and closing methods of the various windows and bays. On some exposed elements, it may be appropriate to add locks or protections, while for daily comfort, we appreciate to rely on tilt and turn models, allowing airing without encouraging intruders to enter.

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