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Which Colours for Your Kitchen in 2019?

Which Colours for Your Kitchen in 2019?

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In 2019, kitchens play it bold in terms of colours. Whether total look or with light touch, furniture, household appliances and accessories get coloured. Kitchen designers thought of all those who wanted to change their décor in a rather radical way, opting for colours and associations that really broke with their habits.

Red Is More Energetic Than Ever

Red, which appeared a few seasons ago, is not really a new colour in the world of cooking. It confirms its presence and tends to impose itself as a new classic, even if it is a strong and unexpected colour. It can be found on walls, as well as on furniture or household appliances. 

Orange Is Back

Orange has been rather forfeited since the late seventies. It comes back, but used more prudently, with light touch. It can be combined with black, already present in kitchens for several seasons. This strong blend is well suited to designer interiors. Yet, to avoid a somewhat suffocating effect, it can be useful to illuminate the whole with a touch of white, you can keep it for the worktops or accessories for instance.

Yellow Brings Sunlight in The Kitchen

The saddest of kitchens just makes you feel you’re on holidays adorning it with this solar tint. Yellow is easy to adapt, whatever the style of your kitchen. Design lovers can combine it with grey, reserving yellow for furniture and grey for the floor. They can be completed with a stainless steel hood and sink and chrome accessories, and then alternate the two colours on the walls. 

“Bold, all the colours of the new kitchens are here!”

Pink Invites Itself into Your Kitchen

To break the codes, there is nothing like adopting pink in the kitchen. This soft colour, which evokes the world of children’s rooms, is no longer reserved for this use only. The current trend of choosing two different colours for furniture can be applied to pink. By choosing it for wall units and mixing it with chamois beige for base units, you obtain a very soft effect and avoid the girly style generally associated to this colour. Pink is finally a shade like any other, it’s all a question of match and dose.

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With Pastel Green, Get a Refreshing Touch

Pastel greens are reserved for those who like a fresh and relaxing atmosphere. To reinforce this feeling, it can be combined with white or grey. It also fits very well with oak, which can be chosen for furniture. Another possibility is to play with the monochrome effect, which always works very well, adopting a pastel green for the furniture and a dark green for the walls. 

Dark Blue: All About Elegance

Dark blue brings an elegant note to the kitchen and stands out as a new black, while remaining easier to use. To gain in brightness, it can be mixed with white, reserving dark blue for wall units and white for base units and worktops, and choosing a lighter blue for walls. The idea is to get away from the classic scheme of the duo of colours – one for the furniture, another for the walls.

Household Gets to Black

Once again this year, black is present in the world of cooking, including for household appliances. In addition to the traditional white ones, you can generally find a black version of the key appliances of your kitchen. Ovens, cooking pianos, hoods, American refrigerators, wine cellars, microwaves, all are available in black. They allow a discreet integration into kitchen furniture, which is also black and very fashionable. These appliances can also be combined with white kitchen elements and worktops for a brighter effect. A little or a lot, black can be declined according to your tastes and desires of the moment.

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