How to organize your visits to sell your property faster?

vente : gérer ses visites

Among the different stages of a real estate sale process, the first visit is decisive. Everything that buyers will feel can impact their opinion, but also have consequences on the negotiations that may follow. In order to optimize your chances of generating the crush from the first few minutes, you must properly consider this meeting, and take particular care with the storage of the apartment at this precise moment. Here are all our tips so that the visits can conquer as many potential buyers as possible.


Prepare the accommodation before the visit

When visitors enter your house or apartment, it should not give the impression of being closed in, untidy or having unpleasant odours. Ideally, be there one hour before the appointment. In this way, you give yourself time to air out the rooms, do a minimum of storage if the furniture is still there, and then do a little cleaning. If you encounter too many difficulties in order to enhance the value of the property at the time of the visits, find out about the existing methods of home-staging: they can considerably facilitate the sale!

“Come one hour before the appointment.”

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Define the best time to meet

You certainly know, depending on the orientation of your living rooms, the hours at which they benefit from the best sunlight. Preferably choose these slots, when the light is at its brightest, to welcome visitors. Of course, this little advice should not prevent you from being flexible. The buyer is king: deal with this rule but know how to adapt it if you have a very interested person who is unavailable during the day.

Plan answers to the most common questions

Naturally, your visitors will ask you questions about the house: you should not feel weak or anxious at this time. If you do not appear to be fully confident, your interlocutors will also not be able to have confidence. Develop clear and concise answers to all the most frequent requests: heating costs, land size, construction date, room orientation, etc. If you see new queries appear, generate a new answer to use next time. Visit after visit, your approach will become clearer and you will more easily be able to remove all doubts from the buyers.

“If you do not appear to be fully confident, your interlocutors will also not be able to have confidence.”

Give visitors all the time they need

Do not organise a visit between two appointments, in a time slot of small amplitude: if your potential buyers are particularly seduced by the property, they can stay there for a long time. In order to increase your chances of a successful sale, you must give them plenty of time to immerse themselves in the property, ask their questions and return to certain rooms if they feel the need. Be patient and, above all, do not show negative feelings that would give the impression that you want to finish quickly.

You will have understood it: the visit of a property is a decisive moment for the seller and the potential buyer, who can lose all his power if it is not properly managed. In order to further optimize the visits, we recommend that you use a real estate agency for the sale. The agency will take care of these appointments for you and, since it is their job, they will do everything necessary to seduce people looking for a purchase!

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