Garden Furniture: 2019 -2020 Novelties

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Garden furniture is modernizing to make up the décor of your new terrace. More integrated than ever to your home, its decoration must be as neat as that of the living room. This is an excellent reason to get equipped with some of the outdoor innovations designed to make the terrace more attractive and more pleasant to live on.

Garden Furniture Reinvented for Your Greatest Pleasure

To PVC furniture, the king of terraces for decades, succeeded much prettier and more comfortable pieces. If you’ve lost track of the latest trends, a little journey to the world of outdoor furniture seems more than essential. It is no longer limited to a simple set of table and chairs, but includes new pieces to organize your terrace as an extension of your living room. With new materials, textures and colours, outdoor furniture has almost nothing to envy the interior one.

Both Beautiful and Technical

Outdoor furniture presents technical constraints. Exposed to bad weather and harsh sun, it must be weatherproof. This has put the creative aspect in the background for a while. For outdoor brands, the challenge is thus to offer products that combine aesthetics, material resistance and colour stability – a challenge both technical and creative, which manufacturers also addressed with success. 

“Garden furniture is being reinvented to transform your terrace in a real living room”

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Adapting to Climatic Conditions

One of the main enemies of outdoor furniture is humidity. Metals are particularly sensitive and require a special treatment; aluminium and steel must be treated to avoid oxidation. Another delicate material widely used in garden furniture, canvas, must be treated to resist mould and sunlight and keep all of its beauty. Wood is an ecological and very trendy material, but it implies constraints that do not exist with PVC. It is preferable to use woods that are not very sensitive to water by nature, such as teakwood, which will retain its original appearance for many years with minimal maintenance.

The Terrace as an Extension of Your House

The main current trend is to use furniture which allows for a smooth transition between home and garden and thus creates a single space. In summer, evenings with friends are most often held on the terrace, which must be as pretty as the living room, hence the growing interest in the aesthetics of garden furniture. The ideal is to be able to mix and move certain elements from one space to another. To meet this demand, outdoor furniture is being enhanced with new elements, like armchairs, cushions and sofas, which can easily be moved from the inside to the outside. Priority is given to comfort, flexibility and support for the seats, which adopt enveloping shapes. The meridians with comfortable cushions replace the old deckchairs to offer you delicious hours of idleness. Everything is designed to make the terrace as pleasant to use as the living room.  

Accessories Highlight the Decoration of the Terrace

New spaces are created on the terrace. Consoles, side tables, ottomans, carpets, cushions, lighting and small accessories underline this metamorphosis. Travel is a fashionable hobby, the garden universe is inspired by distant lands in terms of choice of colours and textures. Exotic atmospheres are popular and can be found in printed fabrics, basketry or cushions. In the sunlight, the natural colours evoking the earth (brown, terracotta, roses and coral) create a warm atmosphere. The South invites itself everywhere, even in the northern regions, and in your little paradise, summer promises to be really beautiful!

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