Fitted Kitchen: An Equipment for More Comfort or an Investment?

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When you move into a new place, the kitchen is usually a room to which you pay a specific attention. From a technical space dedicated to the preparation of meals, kitchen has turned into an actual living space where people like to spend time. But, as its fitting can be rather costly, it is worth thinking before acting. 

A well-refurbished kitchen is a highly visible item

An equipped kitchen can represent a real asset when selling a property, because it is one of the refurbished spaces that are immediately visible. As such, it has more impact on a potential buyer than some other renovation works, even if they are more expensive and complex. Plumbing or sewage disposal retrofit, for instance, even if they are expensive will have much less impact on the visitor, as they are not visible. Visitors usually estimate the quality of a property based on not very objective criteria. Decoration items have a positive effect on their judgement because it makes it easier to imagine their future home, even if there is no impact on the actual value.

“An equipped kitchen can represent a real asset when you sell a property.”

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Fitting a new kitchen before selling your home

Owners who wish to sell their house or apartment are sometimes tempted to do last minute works. This is a very common practice today, influenced by the concept of home staging, which consists in enhancing a property attractiveness to optimise its price. It is not about making expensive works but actually about making a property appealing in order to create the conditions that will positively influence the potential buyer. It can therefore be considered as a purely marketing approach. Given the price of a fully-equipped kitchen, this type of works cannot be part of such a selling process. More generally, an equipped kitchen does not really impact the price but exerts a positive influence on the buyer’s final decision and can help decrease the selling time of a property.

“Home staging practices: how to make a property appealing in order to create the conditions that will positively influence the potential buyer.”

An equipped kitchen for each project

Practical, often opening on the living room or offering a convivial dining area, the kitchen is one of the key rooms of a house. When moving in his new house, a new owner will be tempted to refurbish this room as a priority. Yet, it is crucial that he thinks twice in order to choose a kitchen that answers his needs. If he is the owner and plans to stay there on the long term, it is worth investing and buying his dream kitchen. If he is only there for a few years, he will on the contrary need to manage the costs of the works as he will not be able to pass them on the future buyer of his property. If he is a tenant, he should choose an entry-level kitchen and obtain the prior authorization of the owner. On his departure, he will either have to leave the kitchen as it is without being entitled to any compensation or to disassemble it and put the room back into its initial condition.

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