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Christmas 2019 trends for home decoration

Christmas 2019 trends for home decoration

Noël 2019

Between gifts, decorations and meals, the magic of this Christmas 2019 is on the move in every home. To make your holiday season a masterpiece, the current trend must be honoured! And this year, the awakening of a collective ecological awareness wants Christmas to be approached with global responsibility in mind. Between homemade and sustainable alternatives, offer all your guests a magical moment that will revive their child’s heart and will remain engraved in their memory.

Christmas is fast approaching and soon a festive atmosphere will be felt on every street corner. The celebration of the nativity goes hand in hand with decoration and gifts. And the time has come to look for the tree that will light up your house with a thousand lights and warm all the hearts. But for Christmas, the tree is not enough to set the tone, the whole decoration counts. So to make your tree shine, your interior design must be just as sparkling. A stylish tree, richly adorned, must be in harmony with rich interior colours and tableware for the big days. From the dining room to the living room, from the bedrooms to the veranda, the whole house should get a festive twist in harmony with the sweet tune of Christmas carols.

“Even if many plastic articles remain present on store shelves, wooden alternatives are gaining ground.”

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Ecology at the heart of Christmas 2019 trends

For 2019, safeguarding our beautiful planet is at the heart of all trends. Christmas is no exception to the rule and this year the objective is to produce as little waste as possible during the festive season. It must be recalled that 2019 has been marked by ecological tragedies such as the fire in the Amazon and the great heat wave felt through the whole world. The decoration trends for this Christmas are therefore oriented towards nature. Fantasy plastic decorations, which are super-polluting and expensive, are no longer on the agenda. For Christmas 2019, the objective is zero waste and natural ornaments. And your Christmas budget will be thankful as well! Indeed, ecology is affordable for everyone, accessible to all and sustainable. Purchases will be limited to decorative items made of plants, dried flowers, pine cones picked up in the forest and decorated with sequins. Even if many plastic articles remain present on store shelves, wooden alternatives are gaining ground. The ecological challenge also means to find green solutions to wrap thousands of gifts. Therefore, recycled paper and fabric packaging will be under the spotlight as a means to reduce waste. 


Ecology means recycling. In the ecological trend of 2019, second-hand items are also highly valued. If you have a house, take a walk to your attic and pull out the old Christmas decorations. In need of accessories? A little tour in the flea markets is a must! Retro is full of charm and the recycling trends bring originality to the whole setting. To accommodate a large number of guests and if you plan to meet only once in the year, renting the dishes is highly recommended. Or you can even borrow Granny’s tableware, which will satisfy all generations with all the stories it tells. Glass baubles make a comeback in the tree to bring more elegance to this Christmas, which, let us remember, will contribute to the struggle to preserve our planet. Besides, glass and wooden decorative objects handcrafted by local craftsmen won a first place in this Christmas 2019 tendencies.

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Choosing the right decoration

Christmas decorations tend to be a summary of the trends that have shaken the world all year round. It is the last revolution in style and fashion before stepping through New Year Eve. Christmas is feeding on the trends that have created suspense throughout the seasons. The back to the roots and to nature movement has created some kind of harmony between urban and ecological styles. Natural and elegant modern textures coexist with finely elaborated metal ones. But one tendency took the lead: the use of vegetal materials. The big trend for Christmas 2019 is to redesign the traditional festive decoration with bouquets of mistletoe and fir tree and eucalyptus branches disseminated through the house. The living spaces are overwhelmed by a flood of plant decorations. The wreath made of natural materials, which had been relegated to second place for several years, is back for this Christmas. An opportunity for families to gather and spend time together again to make the wreath they will hang to their door. Similarly, wood is the first choice material to decorate your tree. And in addition to synthetic fur and velvet, cork will be the new star of your home decoration.

Tropical trend: a real change of scenery

The vegetal trend can lead to a real change of scenery and make this year’s decoration unique and completely personalized. If pine needles give you a headache, you can spend your ecological Christmas season without having to bring a tree into your living room. Choosing not to buy a cut tree is also preserving nature. If you really want to have your perfect Christmas tree, there are nice artificial alternatives. And if you are not tied by tradition to the fir tree, you can opt for a total change of scenery. Exotic style is also part of the 2019 trends. The tropical plants that decorate your home all year round can be prepared to receive your gifts and brighten up your home for Christmas. Simply adorn them with your natural decorations and add a touch of brilliance using metallic accessories in silver or brass.

From the dining room to the living room, from the bedrooms to the veranda, the whole house should get a festive twist in harmony with the sweet tune of Christmas carols.

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