Before you buy, take stock of your needs to better target your research

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Buying a property logically commits you to a minimum amount of time, because you will take out a loan, use capital saved for years to build up the contribution, and perhaps even consider renovation work. Whether it is your first purchase or not, you must always ask yourself the right questions to clarify your need and choose a property that corresponds in the best possible way. Here are some basics that will help you better identify your expectations.

Your financial situation

First of all, to start buying real estate, you need to have a compatible financial situation. Do you have enough money set aside to make a contribution? Can you dedicate a sum each month to repaying the monthly loan payments? Check how much you can spend monthly on credit without exceeding 33% of your resources, to make sure that this operation will not put you in trouble later.

“Check how much you can spend monthly on credit without exceeding 33% of your resources.”

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Your family situation and perspectives

You certainly don’t buy an apartment or house for one or two years. In this sense, take the time to think carefully about your projects before positioning yourself on criteria such as surface area or number of rooms. At this point in time, you may only need two bedrooms. But if you want to expand the family, you will need more. This anticipation applies to other practical aspects. For example, if you plan to buy a second car soon, you will need enough space to safely park both vehicles.

Environment: your needs and desires

Since you will be living in the same neighbourhood for several years, give as much importance as possible to the environment you want before you start research. Do you prefer the fullness of a residential area? The dynamism of a commercial sector? The practical side of an area well served by public transport? Take the time to answer all these questions as a family, to agree on everyone’s needs. Also take stock of the maximum distance you accept from the workplace, in order to directly remove goods that would seem too far from the office (or children’s school).

New or old, comfort criteria and needs

Would you like to buy a new or old home? Of course, there is nothing to stop you from targeting both markets, but you need to have a clear idea of what you prefer, to save time and more simply identify the goods that match your request. More generally, answer all the most important questions: living in a house or building, whether or not you need an elevator, parking needs, and the need for a private outdoor space (garden, terrace, balcony). If it may seem difficult to find a property that meets all your requirements, you will be able to sort them out more easily by prioritizing your own criteria.

“You need to have a clear idea of what you prefer, to save time and more simply identify the goods that match your request.”

In order to summarize your needs and know exactly what type of property is ideal for you, a discussion with all family members is essential. And to help you identify more clearly the elements that constitute the basis of your project, ask for the support of a real estate agency.

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