Windows and Their Multiple Possibilities of Opening Systems

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Casement, tilt and turn, sliding, fixed, windows can adopt multiple opening systems to adapt to all situations. Functional and stylish, find quickly the one you need.

Casement Window: The Ultimate Classic

You are familiar with this double-hinged window that opens wide to the inside. It is the most traditional model, the one every room of the house is equipped with. But although this window is very adaptable, it is also cumbersome. Its large opening radius requires a room wide enough to accommodate it. If you lack space, choose a sliding model that is easier to integrate into smaller rooms.

Tilt and Turn Window: A Clever Double Play

A popular model that offers a double opening system: in addition to the classic vertical one, there is a tilting opening option, in the form of a “gusset”, only a few centimetres wide, allowing the room to be ventilated. This type of window is most frequently found in kitchens, because its small opening not only allows to renew the air in the room, but also helps dispersing unpleasant odours and smoke so common in kitchens

“Smart, this window adapts to all situations.”

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Sliding Window: An Obvious Space-Saver

This type of opening is particularly well suited to contemporary style rooms. It offers a large glass surface, allowing plenty of light to pour inside. But, more interesting is undoubtedly the space saving provided by sliding windows, very appreciable by comparison with the classic casement models. This aspect will surely retain the attention of city dwellers living in small dwellings and perpetually in search of space-saving tips to optimize every square meter of their home sweet home. The sliding models can be used in living rooms, bedrooms or living rooms, as well as in the kitchens or bathrooms. 

“It offers a large glass surface, allowing plenty of light to pour inside.”

Fixed Window: An Answer to Specific Needs

What if you don’t need an opening system at all? As its name suggests, the fixed window does not open, it is reduced to a simple glass frame. And you might think: where to install such equipment? Although not the most common model, it can be adapted to specific needs, to rooms with inaccessible openings, or located on the ground floor, which are never opened. If the fixed window does not open, it nevertheless keeps the main qualities of other types of windows: it lets in light and offers a view on the outside!

“As its name suggests, the fixed window does not open, it is reduced to a simple glass frame.”

French Window: A Very Attractive Large Format

The French window can be presented as a large version of the tilt and turn window. Installed in the living rooms, it gives direct access to the terrace and garden, transforming them, as soon as the sun returns, into real extensions of the house. The French window is really the detail that changes everything, it makes your home more practical and pleasant to live in by opening it to the balcony or garden. For a full width opening, the sliding French door is the preferred choice.

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