What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying as a couple?

acheter à deux

When buying a house or apartment, the family situation of the buyer(s) can change the situation. Depending on the financial wealth of both spouses, it is quite possible to share the monthly loan repayment payments, equally or not. Nor is there anything to prevent one of the spouses from taking over the entire credit. If it may seem more interesting to you to invest together, take the time to know the advantages and limits of this choice, in order to know which project you are embarking on!


Easier access to State aid

Many “financial incentives” can encourage couples to embark on their real estate purchase project. This is the case for the acquisition premium, the interest subsidy or the savings premium. For these first two schemes, the level of family resources counts. Of course, since there are two of you, you probably have more income than a single person. But the ceilings are also higher, which gives you more chances to access levers to facilitate your acquisition.

Two opinions, support and dialogue that are beneficial to you

This advantage seems less concrete to you, but it does exist and gives you a great advantage: psychologically, purchasing together causes less stress than purchasing alone. After your visits, you have the possibility to talk and compare your opinions. In addition, during the tensest times, such as when it comes to finding financing, signing notarial documents or organizing the move, you benefit from mutual support that strengthens you. Of course, this does not prevent you from asking for help elsewhere, and from favorising purchases from real estate agencies, to ensure that all the rules are respected.

“Psychologically, buying together creates less anxiety than buying alone.

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The possibility of adjusting reimbursements according to the means of each individual

In your couple relationship, you probably do not have the same salary as your spouse. If you want to contribute together to the reimbursement of the loan, you can define two unequal monthly payments, which will allow you to respect the bases of the credit agreement, while leaving to each of you a minimum of purchasing leeway. The same applies to the contribution: each of you can contribute the amount they have saved, even if it is different. Thereafter, your participation will determine the number of shares granted to you, in order to determine who gets the money when you resell (based on the marriage contract).

“You can define two unequal monthly payments, which will allow you to respect the bases of the credit agreement, while leaving to each of you a minimum of purchasing leeway. »

Marriage regime, diverging tastes and resale: these points deserve your attention!

Nor is everything necessarily rosy in the joint purchase: certain aspects are mentioned, because they must already be anticipated when investing. Above all, if you are united under the regime of community of property, one or the other can pay for the house – it will belong to both of you anyway. This is not the case for a contract under the separation of property, where the assets of both parties are independent. Finally, if you have chosen the three-heritage regime, the consequences are more complex, because you have a two- owners heritage and a common heritage. These questions may seem to you to be ancillary to the purchase, but they will be crucial at the time of resale. Many separations are complicated by financial disputes over the recovery of money from the sale: you have to anticipate this, even when everything is going well in the couple.

Finally, emotionally, buying together may require some concessions. Indeed, even if you take full advantage of the opportunity to talk between yourselves about the properties visited, compare your opinions and take stock of the “pluses” and “minuses” of each unit, you may have some minor disagreements. It will be necessary to ensure that you go beyond this, to find the right compromise and satisfy both parties!

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